Borderless payments

One integration.
Many possibilities.

Our platform operates seamlessly across all integrated countries, currency pairs, and liquidity sources, to ensure maximum user reach throughout Latin America.

Users pay 75% less in fees compared to traditional methods.

Remittances are one of the most important economic activities in LatAm, nevertheless, traditional companies still charge up to 10% of the total amount to people looking to provide for their families in their country. Our solutions can reduce transaction costs, speed up processing times, and provide greater transparency and security for both senders and receivers.

Fee calculator

You send
U$ 100.00
User will pay in fees:
Traditional companies
U$ 1.70
U$ 0.07
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How it Works

An intuitive and effortless user experience.

User sets how much money will be transfered.
We show the FX rate and amount and the user confirms the transaction.
USDC balance in the user's wallet is updated

We have the needed to operate smoothly and legally

Kill B has what is needed to help you add more value to your users. We have the licenses to operate smoothly and legally.

With our US license we can


hold various forms of currency, such as USD, MXN, COP and providing flexibility and adaptability in a dynamic financial landscape


offer a self-custody account that can be seamlessly integrated into the Integrator, ensuring a streamlined experience for all clients


engage in activities resembling money transmission services, both domestically and internet, facilitating smooth cross-border


Our payment options are tailored to fit your needs, with a range of local methods available for your convenience.

ACH payments
ACH payments
Online payments
ACH payments

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